For over 20 years we have been providing quality education and care to families enrolled in our program. These are statements provided by parents and former preschool students – now in their early 20’s- attesting to the quality of our program.ur program.


Parent Testimonials

Making an informed decision when selecting an academic facility for your son’s or daughter’s education is of extreme importance. I highly recommend Evergreen Montessori House to all parents because your child will receive the highest quality of instruction in a nurturing environment, just like my son did. My son started at the age of two and half and completed kindergarten at Evergreen.  I want to thank Evergreen Montessori House for supporting his strengths and for developing his weaknesses.

Wilson Osorio

EMH Parent from 2011 - 2014

I am very pleased and impressed with the care and attention my son receives. He is advanced for his age and is allowed to work at a challenging level. In this school each child is an individual.

— We were very pleased to receive the following update in 2012:

My son, who is now 21, had the good fortune of attending Evergreen Montessori House to be taught by Gargi and Sid. Wonderful memories! Wonderful facility!!!!

Tammy Kfoury

EMH parent from 1993-1994

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at Evergreen Montessori House for the wonderful three years [our daughter] had at the school. [Our daughter] started at Evergreen Montessori in September 2009 and being part of the school, she has grown up with confidence and learned a lot of social and academic skills. At Evergreen Montessori House she was always recognized for her ability to complete tasks and work well with other students. Our special thanks to Mrs. Gargi for providing a place where we could leave our daughter and feel confident that she was in a safe and nurturing environment. [Our daughter] was very happy to be a part of this school.

Vid Upadhyaya and Sushma Murthy

EMH parent from 2009 - 2012

My daughter has received a first-rate preschool education at Evergreen Montessori House. They are continually improving and expanding the curriculum, successfully integrating Montessori and traditional teaching methods which include science, math, art, music, reading, and computer skills.

Kathleen Gariepy

EMH parent from 1993 - 1996 and 1998 - 2002

Our son’s Kindergarten experience at Evergreen Montessori House was very positive and rewarding. He thrived as a result of the excellent curriculum, special programs, small class size and attentive teachers. His personal growth, improved confidence level and thirst for knowledge was a direct impact of the wonderful learning environment Evergreen Montessori House creates. Our deepest appreciation and thanks to Gargi and Sid for providing a nurturing, encouraging, comfortable setting full of enriching activities that complement each child’s learning style. Our partnership with them helped us in our goals to guide our little man towards a life full of curiosity and excitement about education.

Jennifer and Tom McPhee

EMH parent from 2001 - 2002

Student Testimonials

Best school ever! I was one of the first students at Evergreen Montessori House and I have many memories from there! From playing with turtles to the magic shows we put on for our friends and family. I always had so much fun. Thank you Gargi and Sid for all the great memories and for helping me become the person I am today 🙂

Alie Peterson

EMH student from 1993 - 1995

I had so much fun at EMH! I remember learning how to play piano, performing magic tricks and playing with the other kids, some of whom I am still in  touch with today. Gargi and Sid ensured that I learned the fundamentals I would need later in life and played an integral part in helping me become a successful student.

Mrinalinee Das

EMH student from 1993 - 1997