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Private Early Child Education and Enrichment Programs for No MA, So NH - Our Mission

EMH was founded in 1993 to meet a very personal need: to provide our daughters with high quality early childhood education. Since the beginning, we have worked to give all children enrolled in our program the same level of education and care that we gave our own children.


Our Mission

Evergreen Montessori House is private kindergarten, preschool and nursery school program tailored to meet each child's individual needs. Our goal is to enable a child to develop intellectually, socially, and culturally as a critical step on the journey to becoming a happy and

capable adult. Evergreen Montessori House offers developmentally appropriate enriching play and learning experiences to enhance the child's potential for growth during the critical early childhood years.


The outcome of an authentic Montessori education is a self-confident, lifelong learner with a sense of responsibility to himself, humanity and the natural world. Montessori graduates have the skills to work, collaborate, think critically, problem solve and adapt. Evergreen Montessori House students graduate with strong academic skills. They are strong communicators, have a strong foundation in mathematics and are exposed to abstract thinking associated with the scientific method.


The goal of a Montessori education is to help students learn how to learn and enjoy the learning process. Today, information quickly becomes obsolete; the focus of education must shift from facts to process to keep up with these changes. Furthermore, it is no accident that our student makeup reflects all of the beautiful colors of our nation. It is our absolute belief that, in our modern society, our children learn not only to co-exist, but to cherish each other’s differences. It is this very eclectic blending that makes us such a dynamic and successful country. We seek to develop awareness and respect of other cultures in our student.

At Evergreen Montessori House, we educate the whole child and teach your child the skills required for life long success.

Education Methods

The Montessori methodologies are tried and tested with over 100 years of development and refinement. Maria Montessori was the first woman to graduate as a Doctor of Medicine and Surgery from the University of Rome. In 1907 she founded the Montessori movement with the opening of her first "Children's House" to provide preschool education to 40 children ages three to six. She pursued her belief that the early childhood years were of paramount importance in developing capable adults by spreading her concepts worldwide.


In 1929 the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) was established. AMI has developed the most rigorous andcomprehensive standards of Montessori education. Dr Montesssori and her son, Mario, spent many years in India.  They trained S.R. Swamy who became the lead teacher for all Montessori courses in India. Gargi Das, EMH founder and program director, received her Montessori training under Mr. Swamy. In 1993 Mrs Das founded Evergreen Montessori House.


Standard activities are not forced upon children of a certain age group. We acknowledge that all children are different. At Evergreen Montessori House the ages of the children are mixed. This is due to the fact that children learn from each other socially and intellectually. Mixing the ages is a natural outcome of the family and environment we cultivate.


Click here to learn more about the Montessori Method.


Classroom Materials

At Evergreen Montessori House we use a variety of educational tools and materials to inspire learning.


All of our Montessori tools are Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) approved. Most of our Montessori tools are imported from Italy and India. The Montessori component is one part of our curriculum – we also utilize “traditional” classroom tools, technology, scientific instruments, arts and crafts and other tools to instill a love of learning in our students.


Fun Classroom Activities

Evergreen Montessori House has created a wondrous fun-filled learning environment for the children.


Dr. Montessori approached education as a scientist, believing that educational methodologies should be developed objectively through observing and learning from children themselves. Every method, material, lesson, and activity that Dr. Montessori developed was based on her scientific observation of children’s natural and innate ability to learn. Dr. Montessori discovered that children almost effortlessly absorb knowledge from their surroundings; that they learn best through their own physical activity and senses; that they consistently strive to become ever more capable and independent; that they move through predictable planes of development while retaining their unique individuality; and that they experience “sensitive periods” for learning certain concepts.


We believe that children learn best through discovery and play. Our curriculum is carefully crafted to ensure that all areas of development are addressed each day. Each day the children learn something new - from feeling three dimensional geometrical solids, to growing tomato plants to listening to holiday arts and crafts projects.


At Evergreen Montessori House, learning is our top priority without sacrificing fun!


Classroom Guest Visits/Lecturers and Field Trips


Every year our school arranges special events - from having a live show on animals to learning about insects and much more.