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Enrichment Program

The Enrichment Program at Evergreen Montessori House was developed to complement the academic program and enhance learning. All students enrolled in the full day program at Evergreen Montessori House will have the opportunity to particpate in the Enrichment Program at no additional cost.

We worked closely with professionals in multiple fields who specialize in early childhood education to develop activities for the Enrichment Program. Some activities include, but are not limited to:

    • Music Lessons: Children will learn the fundamentals of music – the musical scale, rhythm and beat through playing musical instruments, finger play, singing and dancing. Additionally, the children will learn how to play the piano.
    • Theater and Puppet Play: Introductory concepts of theatre and music will woven into classic children’s stories and reinforced through hands-on activities. Children’s stories, poems, songs and rhymes will used with props made by the children with opportunity for involvement and improvisation.
    • EMH Gym: Physical activities that include tumbling, gymnastics, balance, will enhance children’s gross motor skills and teach them the basics of sports.
    • STEM Activities: Through exploring their surroundings, children will learn the basics of the scientific method and abstract thought. Additional science experiments will be introduced based on the children’s interests.
    • And Many More!

There is no additional fee to participate in these activities. Just sign up for the full day program and your child is automatically enrolled!